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Midi for the lighting industry


The beginning

Since he was 14 Years old Alexander Michel used midi controllers to control lighting but never was happy with what was available by the market. He noticed that there are very few controllers that are specially designed to work with lighting software. And so he took the task on himself and started developing his own Lighting Console based on the MidiBox platform. Out came the MA4PC which is to date one of the most professional DIY midi lighting consoles.
After his apprenticeship in electronics, Alexander started to work on the design for a more portable midi controller that would fit in his backpack. From this initial idea more and more features were integrated into the design. Then he asked himself the question: "Why not make it a real product?"

This was the starting point of MiDi lighting.


About MiDi lighting

In December of 2017, we presented the concept to the community with a short video. At the same time website and social media channels were launched. Feedback was great and so we decided to start developing the actual product.
Mid-2018 we had the first ten prototypes ready and send them out to testers that gave us valuable feedback on which topics we have to improve for the final product.
End of 2018 we started developing the second prototype version and setting everything up for production.
Now beginning of 2019 we are almost there. Currently, we build the 20 pre-production prototypes and plan everything for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

If the Kickstarter is funded successfully we will launch production and see where the journey will bring us. We have a drawer full of concepts and ideas that are just waiting to be brought to life.

Check the feature page to learn why we are not just developing yet another midi controller.

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