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What's special about our controllers?

It's not our goal to just develop the next midi controller! Scroll down and see what features make our products unique.


Quality control elements

Are you tired of rubber pads?

We got you covered because that's exactly what we wanted to address with our controllers. For Djs or producers rubber pads might be fine but when you smash a button 100 times during busking a show your fingers get tired pretty quick.
We use the same switch technology that is used in professional lighting consoles. With the sharp tactile feedback, mishits are a thing of the past.

Our RGB colored UI gives you visual feedback and helps you triggering the right effects in a split second.

The buttons are accompanied by quality ALPS faders and potentiometers for the .fade, .turn and .mix version.


Standalone Operation

Most other midi controllers on the market depend on a PC/Mac to setup. That makes a configuration on the fly very difficult.

We included a 0.96" OLED Display and an encoder to give you full flexibility.
With our intuitive to operate menu you are able to change every setting you want directly on the controller without the need of a computer. You can then save your settings in presets directly on the device making them available whenever you need them!

You can adjust the midi notes for every control element as well as the midi channel for the whole device.
With the color menu, you can set a static color for the leds to use them even without the need for dedicated midi feedback.


Expandable plattform

When you want to use multiple midi devices with your lighting Software or Console you need to use merging software or daisy-chain your controllers. While merging needs deep knowledge about midi routing, daisy-chaining adds up on overall latency pretty quick.

We are using a CANBus infrastructure to chain multiple of our devices. With this technology, up to 16 Controllers merge into one without additional software or hardware.

CANBus is also capable of distances up to 500m which puts our controller in the perfect spot for remote applications.

For connection, we use the 2xRJ45 sockets on the back for the CANBus daisy-chaining. That allows you to use regular patch cables which you will find in most lighting applications anyways these days.


More connectivity

USB/Midi is the current industry standard. While that's fine for using your controller with a PC/Mac you can not easily use it with most lighting consoles. Here you find the older Midi over 5pol Din Connectors.

Additionally to USB/Midi, our controllers can be used with an adapter directly on any console that has a midi input capability. GrandMA1-3, Dot2, Hog, Onyx, and Avolits are just some of the Consoles that are compatible.

Consoles like the grandMA2 that feature midi output can even control the led feedback with a dedicated LUA script.

Offcourse, Midi In/Out is fully compatible with daisy-chaining. So if you want to extend your console by a few buttons or by a whole playback section. It's possible with our devices.


Have we sparked your interest?

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